Dental Ceramics, LTD
Privacy Compliance Plan

Dental Ceramics, LTD respects patients right to privacy. Dental Ceramics, LTD expects all associates to treat all dental professionals, patients and associates with respect, kindness, honesty and a positive attitude. All actions should be above reproach. As an associate of Dental Ceramics, LTD it is part of our daily duty to protect at all times individually identifiable health care information. Patient information is to be used for the sole purpose of treatment. Associates will not alter or remove from Dental Ceramics, LTD premises, without proper authorization, patient information.  Associates will not misuse a patient’s information for personal gain, malicious intent or less than honorable activity. Any inadvertent misuse of patient information should be reported to the Privacy Officer as soon as it is known. Any deliberate misuse of individually identifiable health care information will result in immediate dismissal. It is the responsibility as an Associate of Dental Ceramics, LTD to conduct his or herself as to preserve our Company’s good reputation and well being.


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Remake Policy

The cost for fabricating custom dental appliances can not be refunded. A credit may be issued by Dental Ceramics Ltd to an account when cases do not meet our exceptional standards for quality, form, function, and aesthetics. Any credit balance on an account must be used within 90 days from the date of issue or it will expire.

Under most conditions, all remakes will be completed at no charge if received within 30 days of the invoice date. However, charges will be incurred under the following circumstances:

  • The original dental restoration is not returned.
  • The bite or impression sent is different from the original.
  • Abutments or teeth are re-prepped or modified in any way.
  • Study models and/or specific instructions were not provided for anterior cases.
  • A try-in is requested by our team of technicians and we are informed to proceed without a try-in.
  • A die, margin, or impression is questioned by our technicians and we are informed to proceed as is.
  • When our team of technicians determine that the order cannot be guaranteed and are informed to proceed.

For eligible remakes within 30 days but without the original case, the case will be remade at 100% of the price of the restoration at the time the request is made. When the original model and dental restoration are returned within 60 days from the original invoice date, a 100% credit will be issued to that account.

Warranty of Work

Dental Ceramics Ltd guarantees its work for one year against defect in materials and craftsmanship. However, the following appliances are not covered by any warrantee due to their temporary or delicate nature.

  • Acrylic Temporaries
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Bleaching Trays
  • Maryland Bridges
  • Diagnostic Wax-Up

All Procera copings Alumina and Zirconia are guaranteed by Nobel Biocare for five years.

Dental Ceramics, LTD will notify clients of any remake charges prior to fabrication.