Your dental professional values you as a patient and wants to provide you the very best care. Good communication is the best way to provide a high quality restoration that not only fits and functions, but is beautiful as well. Communication comes in several forms between the dental office and the dental laboratory: the written prescription, impressions of your teeth before and after the dental procedure and shade selection. Sometimes to achieve the best overall result, a different type of communication needs to take place—shade selection in the dental laboratory.

The primary need for shade selection within a lab setting is the limiting nature of shade guides. Shade guides are simply that, an average guide that can be used to find something that is close to your natural tooth or teeth. We want to provide a better than average match to your teeth and put you back to a natural beautiful smile that makes for you as an individual. This takes experience and a supreme understanding of dental materials…  and there is no one better at this than Joseph McCann, CDT.

In over thirty years of studying teeth, Joe knows one thing for certain; there are no two teeth alike and this includes color. When we think of the color of teeth, we generalize in terms of yellow, brown, stained, and hopefully white, but the reality is that teeth are highly intricate when it comes to color and the dental technician can finely tune that color specific to an individual, but only with a visit to the dental laboratory.

All shade consultations at Dental Ceramics, LTD are performed by Joseph McCann, CDT. Joe understands the material that will be used to match your specific smile.

“In over thirty years at the bench I have yet to see two teeth that were the same color from one patient to another, it makes sense that our teeth are as individual in color as we are in real terms. Anyone can match a shade guide; the real challenge is restoring a natural look to the individual smile.”

We take shades at our facility, Monday through Thursday 9:00AM to Noon, and 1:00PM to 4:00PM, and additionally, from 9:00AM to Noon on Fridays. Your dental provider will make arrangements for you to contact us for an appointment. The process is painless and requires no sedation— just a simple visit to the lab and a big smile for Joe.

“I will typically discuss the situation and teach the patient what to expect from their new dental restoration. We talk teeth, the color of teeth, the shape of teeth, the luster of teeth and my recommendations for the best smile possible.”

Joe will look at your specific situation and your individual smile. He looks for only the best materials for your situation and takes specific notes, some close-up photography, then presents a recommendation on how best to approach and tackle your very specific needs.

“A few years ago it dawned on me that every technician that I admired had one thing in common, they took pictures of teeth. So, I started to take pictures of teeth and began a study of what truly looks natural in a patient’s mouth.”

We look forward to welcoming you to our lab and providing the very best restoration possible for you as an individual. You deserve that.